These earbuds use AI to optimize your music while keeping you safe for under $40

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This is actually an interesting concept I could get with.

I have an audio processing disorder and have a difficult time understanding speech if I can only hear with one ear.

But I run around with an earbud in one ear due to job requirements.

So I’d love wireless earbuds with a feature like side-tone, which is common on gaming headsets, but I’ve yet to see in earbuds.


I am curious and I hope you don’t mind me asking: If I understand side-tone correctly, it means: You hear yourself through the speaker. Is that correct? How does it help you? If you already have trouble processing “clean” audio, how is it better if the other side is mixed with your own voice?

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The main purpose of side tone in a gaming headset is to be able to hear yourself so you don’t end up raising your own voice louder.

But side tone just means a mic that picks up the environment and feeds it back into the headphone. Short for outside tone.

With side tone implemented on earbuds, it’d let you hear yourself and anyone nearby, as well as pumping music/podcasts/whatever else into your ears, without disturbing people around you.


That’s fair. But I still don’t see how it helps with the condition you described :slight_smile:

And yet that seems like it might be the only way to avoid Stack Social ads and the terrible ad copy… :thinking:

I normally have a single earbud in, but only hearing the outside world with 1 ear means I have difficulty underatanding speech.

If I had earbuds with side-tone, I’d be able to wear earbuds in both ears and understand the outside world simultaneously since I’ll be hearing it with both ears. I’d be able to understand speech.


I have a bit of an issue with that, too. And that means I have to turn the volume up on the singe earphone to understand better and help differentiate from the ambient noise, which I don’t want to do because that way lies additional hearing damage. So, off work I tend to use passive noise isolating earbuds or headphones to reduce the playback or call volume, and strive to ensure visual situational awareness through deliberate practice…

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Ah! Now! Thanks :slight_smile:

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