These hi-fi earplugs cut the sound but keep sound quality

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On a whim I took my new Vibes earplugs to a wedding. The music was so loud I put them in and was very glad I had them.

The music was so loud I could feel it in the pit of my stomach. The Vibes made the volume tolerable.

However I lost the carrying case.

They don’t sell it on the website. I contacted Vibe by email and they refuse to sell me another.

The earplugs are tiny, the case is about the1/3 the size of my thumb. Since the Vibes are meant to be taken to concerts, losing the case seems likely.

They should sell a replacement case.

Great product, lousy customer service.


We can close our eyes, why can’t we close our ears?

For you youngsters out there - please consider wearing ear protection.
I went to my first show in 1980 and have been to probably 900 since then - and never wore protection.
I’ve never really noticed any ringing or hearing loss but in the last year I’ve noticed the former when just sitting around. Last time I had my hearing checked was close to a decade ago and it was fine. Not sure what it is now.
I still do close to 20 shows a year and will be making sure to protect what’s left of my hearing.

FWIW, similar earplugs will fit in an aluminum pill case. I carry them on my keychain that way, so I always have them.

As a musician in a brass street band, I wear them all the time. It took a little getting used to, but having three trombones and five percussion next to you is pretty damaging. Since I always have them, I use them quite a lot.

Great idea. I am going to try that.


Etymotics ER20 have been my go to. come with case and keeper cord. The triple flange design is uncomfortable for some folks.

Protect yourself, protect your hearing.

I’ve purchased pricey earplugs that supposedly block the volume but keep the clarity before, and they are mostly disappointing. I usually forget them at home and end up buying the cheapo foam bullets they have in a jar at the door. Maybe these are better, maybe I’ll eventually buy some, but for now I’ll just muddle on with whatever’s handy.

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