These luxurious headphones are now 73% off


“Powerful circuitry”. You forgot “powerful circuitry”.



disappointed they don’t ship to canada


A curate would curate such curate. Curate, right?


It beats their first choice: “gollygeewillikens circuitry”.


Malkovich, malkovich malkovich. Malkovich!


You are old fashioned, so there.

Awww, but you can do that easily for any given word if you just repeat it to yourself for about 2 minutes.


Fine. I’m gonna go buy a new pipe, put on a suit, listen to some Stephan Grappelli, and yell at kids from my front porch.

And just to spite you, I’m gonna put a flower in my lapel.


Curse you, you sexy bastard!


Feet up, brain in neutral, and it will reveal itself.



Usually yeah, but I did buy one of those solar LED motion sensing light thingies a while back, and while it’s constructed like crap (an outdoor black light made of plastic that will surely crack and die unless armor all-ed frequently), it works like a charm. Leaving for work before the sun’s up is slightly less depressing thanks to a cheap BB store item.


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