These 'naked pendulum dances' are quite the feat

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Strangely captivating. I enjoy his expressions. I do think it would have been better with music throughout, and not only since the sound of his exertions did sound a bit NSFW for those of us that share audio space with others! Hurray for the quick mute button.


He has an infectious charm.

But I’m glad we’re only seeing 90% of Akira 100%.


Japanese people just love naked comedians. We would do well to learn from them.


It’s balls…balls all the way down.


It is good to see someone who really loves what they’re doing. :slight_smile:


I really feel there was a missed opportunity to title this video Harmony of the Spheres.


blink Okay, then. Yes, the Japanese ARE about as crazy as we are =x.

It’s more fun if you invite your friends.


Like this?


@orenwolf, the tagline link is … interesting. :100:% interesting, to be precise.

I… do not see the issue and presume it was fixed already? :slight_smile:

His happy little grunts are a touch NSFW, but I actually enjoy that there isn’t any crazy music blaring over his pure joy at enjoying his tray and balls.


delightfully silly, a unicorn chaser of sorts.

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You may very well be the only person I have ever seen ask for MORE music in a YouTube video…!

Double interesting. When I click on the tagline link, from the main page, I get this:

When I do it from here, with the same link, I get a 404, i.e. this:

Since you don’t seem to see this, this might be one of the odd browser issues some people mentioned for Brave?

ETA: nope, seeing the same in Chrome, Brave, Firefox. A percentage symbol at the EOL isn’t something which those browsers seem to like. Or your server. Can’t tell.

Too young to remember the balloon dance? Three men, six balloons, that exploded one after the other during the performance making it harder and harder to hide the vital parts.

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What, their inner organs? Liver? Lung? Heart? Kidney? You could see their KIDNEYS? That’s gross…

SCNR. Silly me.

… but not as silly as some Japanese banana ads! Just look at it!

Curl says:

<a href="" rel="tag">Akira 100%</a>

So I can only presume browser caching from before this was corrected at this point.

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