These SFX makeup removal videos are so satisfying to watch

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Whenever I see all these prosthetics and thick makeup (usually in a scifi context for me) I wonder if it makes them feel claustrophobic or does it just feel like stuff all over your face.

And I would have gotten away with it too…

Fank yew. Kame hewe fow zis.

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I went to a doctor who convention as a lad, and I saw a guy being screwed into a cyberman helmet. It freaked me out.

sort of like this

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I’ve seen a lot of Deep Space 9 actors talking about it. Some found the full-on makeup made them claustrophobic and there are annoying problems with having it on you all day. Sweat pooling up under the headpiece, itching, the makeup glue pulling at your skin, etc. OTOH, they also said the makeup does a lot of your acting for you, helping you create the character.

Andrea Martin didn’t return in a recurring role because of the makeup. Wallace Shawn limited his appearances to once a year cause he said it took him that long to forget how awful the makeup was. :slight_smile:



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