These sneakers are woven by robots and have 3D-printed soles

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I like my athletic shoes made by human slaves, those machine slaves don’t know a damn thing about feet/running. /s


Don’t look very washable.

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I’m getting a “Designed by computers. Built by Robots. Silenced by Lasers…” vibe.


but are they small batch artisinal?

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Just you wait!


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Adidas is claiming that they don’t use human slaves. About their place on the ASPI list:

My impression is that runners didn’t care much for the 4d sole. It’s heavy and doesn’t actually do anything cushion-wise other than look aesthetically pleasing. It would be neat if they could create the uppers to the exact dimensions of your feet for a racing shoe.

The shoes look interesting at a cursory glance. Sneakers are one of the few areas where digital manufacturing is likely to fully live up to the hype in the near future.

I have a sneaking suspicion, though, that Adidas is hoping, here, to smother that innovation in its crib. Making impressive but unrealistic shoes with a $10 million robot is a good way to head off all the small outfits who are about to start making just slightly less impressive shoes with $10,000 robots.

Once that takes off, big shoe brands will become the cheesy boy bands in a world that suddenly has a teeming indie scene – they’ll still have a big market, but they’ll never be the tastemakers again. So when Adidas or Nike seem to embrace this new technology, it makes me think of 90s Microsoft “embrace – extend – extinguish”.

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