These striking blackwork tattoos look like circuit boards


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In 2028 will we regard these the same way we regard late 90s tribal tattoos?


How do we regard them? I’m not in touch with popular culture, I just found out what a Kanye is.


KellyAnn Kanye?


That sounds like some sort of infinitely recursive trainwreck of trainwrecks!

These tatts remind me of belters from The Expanse.


Neat stuff. Gee, I wonder what those will look like in 20 years?



So, the new dumb replacement for tribals?


They resemble microstrip transmission lines on a microwave circuit board.


The first one is uncredited;

and this one from Ratta Tattoo;


Putting the Rap in…
I can’t be bothered.


Need to be done with conductive ink to make actual circuits.


Syd Mead would be proud.


It’s fractals all the way down!


I’ve looked into getting something like this done on my arm with UV ink – invisible during the day, glowing like TRON circuits under blacklight. But UV ink seems to not have much longevity, from what I’ve learned so far.


I guess sub-dermal EL wire would be a bit radical.


“blackwork tattoos look like circuit boards”

No, no they really don’t. Not even close.



I believe a “Kanye” is a human that works for Monsanto.


Speaking of things that are made of holes but more often MOFs of particular cavity length, and definitely not so much lead, as long as you don’t also have to be glowing UV for the tattoo next to you you can pick a color. Well, a series of wavelengths upconverted from 800nm or NIR, plus other phosphors (well, once they get reasonable FOB artists.)

Monsanto brings time back for when you didn’t force inorganic the dish you made won’t burn being both fine art and the way you were made from dust and old Itanic. [Sylvia Cunk:] Did I get it, the Kanyereddit?