These time-lapse maps show how much hotter the USA will be when you're old


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I don’t plan on being in the USA any longer by the time I’m 40, let alone when I’m elderly.

Ha! I’ll be dead soon: I win!


I’d just like to thank the baby boomers for screwing us young people thoroughly over.

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So What if I’m an Old and I’m smart enough to remember the changes I’ve already experienced. What if I’m bright enough that I have been telling Youngs and Middles that we really need to pay attention to what we as people are doing to the planet. Does that win any points or should we continue in our efforts to divide people into every possible faction. Thanks for lumping us babyboomers as the cause of all our current woes. I’m really kind of sick of that shit! I would hope that BoingBoing might leave the stereotyping to the politicians who practice it so well. On the other hand I’m old and you know how those old bastards are, gripe and moan about everything.


What this map doesn’t show is the effect of medical advances. People who are in their thirties, forties and even fifties, who are rich enough, are likely to benefit from the exponential increase in medicine and the length of the average lifetime for this group is probably going shoot up. This means that this map is likely to show the effect on these people too, not just the Youngies. Rich older folk, global warming is going to affect you too.

Yup, same here. I’ve been trying to keep a low carbon footprint since the 1980s, and it really pisses me off when young turks who weren’t even born then tell me that the temperature has always been what it is now. Of course it has. Always for you is like three weeks. Get off my lawn!


Looks like the entire state of Texas becomes a scorched hellscape. Kind of ironic in a not entirely unsatisfying way.


As though it isn’t already… (Caveat Austin)

Um… when do they think people born in 1981 will go to college? When they’re 39 years old? Man, the job market will be tough for those kids…


It has to have been a typo - I think they meant 1991 based on the other ranges.

Xeni, one quick correction: The maps are part of the recently released Risky Business report, available at commissioned by a handful of climate policy advocacy groups, co-chaired by Michael Bloomberg, Hank Paulson, and Tom Steyer and featuring an impressive tech team and advisory group, ranging the full political spectrum, but no willful ignorance. The damage analysis portion including these maps was done by the Rhodium Group and all of these people deserve credit for the work. Anyway, I am not affiliated, but the whole report is worth shining a light on. For example, on our current path, they expect the loss of $66-106 Billion worth of coastal real estate by 2050 and $240-500 Billion by 2100. And up to $200 Billion is from Florida alone.


Yeah, the “old people are screwing the millenials over” framing isn’t really helpful. The baby boomers helped found the environmental movement, and there are plenty of denialists who are young enough to be my children.


Is this a thing?

Maybe it should be - I’ll put it right over here, alongside #NotAllMen, and #NotAllWhites. Then I’ll call the Samaritans, because they care.

You might have been doing something, but obviously you haven’t been doing enough.

the big question will be, when will we notice the difference?

When does a frog in water notice it’s started boiling?

That little blue Violet area in the last heat map looks to be where I grew up, near Lake Havasu, Arizona, or maybe Yuma, where my sister still lives. That’s not okay.


Is it just me, or does it appear that the state of Colorado will be covered by a Godzilla-shaped patch of cooler weather in 2020-2059?

Go North, young man.


Even now, Canada prepares for invasion.

EDIT: Sorry, I meant ‘liberation’.