Thing you had to say today!

This set off a chain in my house of coming up with a random silly quote you uddered during the day as the start of an anecdote.

Rules are simple:

  1. Post your quote
  2. Spoil the context
  3. Engage in light, friendly banter about it
  1. “When it rains, it snows.”
  2. Lady Bevel is known for creatively misspeaking. This one got traction and we use it regularly.
  3. Hey how’s everyone doing? Want a beer?

“I just backhacked the upload via the HTML/CSS stack on the mainframe.”

I work helldesk, and we like to have fun with our less cooperative users. If you throw enough gobbledygook at them they usually shut up and do as they’re told.


Dammit, Iris, don’t play with it, KILL IT!

Iris is a cat, the “it” is a mouse. The mouse is not dead, because my fellow human caught it and took it for a walk outside. I have a sneaking suspicion that the little bugger has a way in, and will be back.


In this house, we don’t put our cheese* on the television.

Which leaves open the whole door of “so in other houses it’s okay to slap my cheese onto the tv screen, then?”

* for certain, limited definitions of the term “cheese” that include pre-sliced processed cheese products.


One of Murphy’s Laws is that [spoiler]furniture deliveries are only on time when they are at 7AM and you have a hangover.

It was not said to a toddler. [/spoiler]

My hangover is much less than that of the person I said it to.


Damnit, my Fecking foot is bigger!

Sometimes I wake up and have a bigger foot


Just smell the top of it!


After explaining to my spouse how alive and gassy my ferments are, and how you can smell their krautiness by sniffing the top of the airlock.


What if tiny, tiny elves are responsible?

I’m in a philosophy of science class.


OK, but, what if you just think that because you are actually a brain in a vat, and someone is applying an electrical charge which causes you to experience it that way? :laughing:

It was a philosophy of science class that convinced me to take philosophy of mind, which convinced me that I needed to switch majors from chemistry to philosophy.


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