THINGS i saw today in the news

Poll Chart: 2016 National Democratic Primary

This is @cowicide’s Bernie-vs.-Hillary tracker, Bernie polling higher than ever despite his recent stumble.

Homejoy at the Unicorn Glue Factory: Will the home-cleaning revolution be Uberfied? How one company tried, and spectacularly failed.

“Unicorn” is plutocrat-speak for a private company valued at over $1 billion. Buy one today!

Tarantino, NY cops beef over brutality

The Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association does not seem to understand how the internet works.

FBI director tells police chiefs they can learn from Black Lives Matter hashtag

Minimum wage of $70K is paying off for this Seattle company

KPFK GM Leslie Radford Has Cut Uprising’s Hours

Uprising was like the west coast’s Democracy Now, but the station that incubated it is imploding.

cOS has been released for the commodore 64!

Somebody is trying to build an iPad-style OS for thirty-year-old hardware. Good for him.

Unicorns: Why This Bubble Is Different

I wonder why Forbes no longer wants you to see this.


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