Things We Hate In Internet Commentary

Continuing the discussion from Lowes replaced black driver with white one at customer request:

OMG. Yes. Please. I’m all for the Socratic method in a classroom, but this needs to stop being a thing in Internet comments. I don’t care if you can find me having done this at some point in the past, but good gravy it has to stop. This is also true of The Pronoun Game and it’s less well known little brother who is ten times as annoying, The Guess What I’m Thinking But Not Saying Because I’m So Slick Game. Seen here:

All of it is just goading, “Go on, ask me what I really mean. Please?” It just wastes everyone’s time and doesn’t move the discussion forward at all. It just makes it painful. Express yourself, please.

This falls in with a lot of common practice in internet commentary that irritates me:

  • The phrase (and every variation thereof), “In my (humble) opinion.” No shit. As opposed to everything else you might say, which comes from God?
  • “Politically correct” accusations which invariably translate to, “I do have an argument, but it only works if you hear the same dog whistles I do.”
  • “We don’t know the whole story,” followed by a lengthy explanation of how a completely opposite narrative is true or more likely. Look, either you believe in our collective ignorance, or you don’t. “We” means “you” too, jackass.

Those are just the first few I could think of. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has thoughts on the subject.


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