Third Eye Sees All


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I think my mom used to have some of these. They were stickers and had the prism-style holographic printing so that they looked like they were blinking as your angle towards them changed.

Fake. I can tell by the dot pattern.


Just the thing for staring at some gal’s third boob.


Where does the tear-duct go? Is this one of those non self-lubricating eyes?

Enlightenment! Only 59¢

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Yeah, apparently those were all the rage back in the day.


Whenever I saw those ads, they used a drawing of some generic schmo amazing his friends, but they sprung for the extra nine cents to use a screamin’-hot model. It probably ran in some of the more reputable magazines.

You didn’t have to put it on your forehead!


Only three eyes?


I think you mean lenticular lenses. Holograms have nothing at all to do with it.

What creeps me out is that none of the three match.

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I know this may give away my age but I actually had one of these. I bought it off the rack at the drugstore that had other classics like "cigarette loads’, ‘giant rubber thumb’, ‘itching powder’,‘bloody mouth gum’, ‘squirt camera’, etc. I wore the third eye once and it made a hickey on my forehead from the suction cup. I got more laughs for the hickey that lasted a week than I did with the third eye I wore for one day. So all in all a big boffs purchase for 59 cents.


No photoshop back then.

Yes, I’m well aware that the technology of lenticular lenses is completely different than the captured interference pattern that is used to create an actual holographic print. I simply meant “holographic” in the sense of functionality, as in an image that changes depending upon which angle it is viewed from. It was early morning and I couldn’t be arsed to look up the correct term. Thank you for supplying it.

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I’m sorry about that - I’m overly defensive of anything I perceive as the creep of “hologram” towards meaning “anything kinda 3D-ish”

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Nickelodeon had a slightly improved version.


The third eye is also the basis for an amusing and simple Halloween costume, designed by Larry Marder of Beanworld fame.

I have one of these drivers licenses that requires me to wear lenticular lenses to drive.