A 1000-piece color-changing jigsaw puzzle


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I bought an old 50’s jigsaw at a car boot sales the other day. The picture was nice yet super old fashioned but what was such a pleasure was that all the pieces were slightly different shapes. You could almost do the whole thing just by looking at the shapes. It even had multiple pieces that looked like corners that weren’t.
Modern jigsaws all seem to have very standard and boring shaped pieces. I dont see why they would need to be in this day and age.


It sounds better than the Moon puzzle I had: Way more than 50 shades of grey.


You may be interested in these people’s offerings:


So someone here must know about optics or geometry.
My question is; aren’t all lenses “lenticular?”


Ha ha ha ha, no.


i’ve got a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle of a jackson pollock painting. it isn’t easy.


Wikipedia knows! (Knows more than I did, anyway.)

So it’s like those winky pictures we used to get in boxes of Cracker Jack…


In this case it means something that is lens shaped.
So… I guess it must be possible for a lens to be other than lens shaped?

Who knew?

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