This 1960s coin sorter is an electromechanical delight

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Cool but it’s making me queasy watching him handle all that change not wearing gloves.

Lysol sold separately.


In Soviet Russia, coins sort you!

I recently considered 3D printing this pretty thing, but then realized I hadn’t touched a coin in Idon’tknowhowlong. After sorting my small bowl of coins, it would just be another dust catcher.


Well, tickle me pink! Back in the day, I had one of those.

My grandparents had one of these. They owned a small rural telephone utility. They got it to sort all the change from the 3 payphones in their service area. It didn’t work very well, and grandma ended up paying us grandkids to sit at the coffee table while we watched cartoons and roll all the coins. Or maybe it worked fine and she just wanted some way to keep the grandkids busy.


An in-law from a family member ran a vending machine business back in the 70’s. They had an even larger coin sorter that that. Whenever they took out a roll of dimes or quarters they would always glance along the edge of the roll and look for any silver coins and pull them out. Silver coins were still somewhat common back then, they’re very few and far between now.


You don’t print it for yourself, you print it to give to small children who are still fascinated by coins.


Don’t let germophobia rule your life. Nobody has ever gotten sick from handling change.


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