This 1967 21 window VW Bus is just darling

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Such a classic look just gets better with time and prices keep going up, into six figures, for prime examples. But yeah, drive carefully because aside from these being slow to get up to speed and slow to stop you get to sit right in, and be part of, the crumple zone.



CURRENT BID: $51,000

Then again…


I’ve spotted clean rebuildable 61 - 69 VW vans for around $5k US. The key is to have a trailer and cash to scoop them up, lots of mutants looking for these.


You and me both. I just adore the deluxe models from the 60’s. I had a '72 camper bus for a while but always kept my eyes open for something older. Unfortunately never had the cash at the time though they were cheap as dirt, and now that I do, they’re being priced out of my range.

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Given that these 21-window vans have gone for upwards of $400K, I don’t expect this bid to hold for long.


I was shopping on line for one of these maybe 10 years ago, and saw a nice one that had all sorts of stuff done that I’d never even imagined would be necessary: replace all the window rubber, upgrade electrical to 12v, etc. $6500 seemed a little steep to me, so I looked elsewhere and prices were higher for worse examples. I looked back to the first one and saw I’d misread the price by an order of magnitude and it was actually $65,000. But they’re so pretty:
Black-over-red VW microbus


I went to a VW show in late August and saw some absolutely stunning Type 2’s there. The amount of work that went into them was so over the top, even the guy that did it said he couldn’t believe how much effort he put in, and that he’d never do it again. This is an example of the near perfect one that was fixed up by the owner (the picture doesn’t do it justice).


That’s exactly like the one my older had when he was 18; used of course.

We used to sit up in top sometimes when that huge ragtop was open. Our legs inside- sitting on the roof.

Young, stupid & very lucky.


The derpy, sentimental rotary phone of class b campervans.

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The irony is these vehicles (like the Beetle also) are symbols of the hippie counter-culture.

Setting aside general gasoline engine issues (in other words, all things being equal)…these are terrible for the environment. A modern internal combustion engine (ICE) will produce far less pollutants than these heaps.

These heaps spew fumes, have no A/C, are shitty in pretty much every respect. Nah, I’ll keep driving my 2016 hatchback.

I remember the drop-in leader from our local Y taking us, his young charges, out to a big theme park in one of these - his own daily driver. (Yes, the guy had his hippie card…) I really liked the vehicle; was enamored of VWs in general.

Hard to believe people thought these would be safe enough to transport livestock, much less their kids. We got through fine, but I shudder to think.

OTOH, my 2007 GTI has more than twice the horsepower, but weighs nearly 4,000 pounds, wasting most of those horses hauling extra metal around. It’s a great car, but still…

I recall of the bus, reading someplace (probably the Compleat Idiot’s Guide to VW repair) that you could make it go up hills in reverse that it couldn’t tackle in forward gears.

But unnecessary updates do keep them interesting.

I wonder how this one handles:



Look at that baby VW Bus! Feed it enough Tillamook, and it will grow up into a full grown VW Bus one day!


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well, if you’re gonna have cheese…

you’re gonna need some beer!

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