This 1967 Porsche 911S is genuine fun in a period-perfect mustard yellow

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Absolutely love that yellow. :heart_eyes:

(I’m also a fan of sparkly brown, when it comes to cars, but I know it’s a but too Zune-y for most.)


No match for my off-grey '86 Fiero. Still turns heads


Would look good on a hot dog.


Have you seen The Bridge, @jlw?
Apparently that’s a mustard Porsche, though I’ll grant it is a different shade to this one.

It got quite the fan following…

… and a lot of debate about exactly which model it was.

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Awww, yum! Now we’re talking!

It’s Bahama yellow. Just look at it.


I thought that color was called “Baby Poop Yellow” (or “Babyscheißegelb” in the original German).


I remember when the “bring a trailer” website featured project cars that required a trailer to get home. Now it features cars way out of my price range. You know, fancy cars.


Porsche probably called that color Bahama Yellow because no one would have bought it if they called it it’s true name, Babyshit Brown.


just walk away and no one gets hurt.

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A wise man once said “no Porsche costs less than $30,000.”

The saying needs to be updated - good versions of that age never cost only five figures (even without the BaT premium).

Heck, it used to be “Every 911SC is $20k” and that’s not even true anymore. If you’re writing checks that’s just an engine rebuild.

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so inflated in value by collectors who will probably never even drive them

Didja see the $95k 1980 F250? That’s either money laundering or severely bored affluence.

The half-dozen or so longhoods (pre-1974) frequently seen in our small-but-affluent desert mountain town have been missing for the last four or so years. It’s a shame as those things were made to be driven - you really have to experience it. Light years ahead of the competition far into the '80s and beyond…

Once I auction that kidney for an engine rebuild/upgrade I promise my '78 will be out there. Stuff is stuff, go play with it!

It has also become incredibly hipster. They post a lot of ridiculously overpriced average cars with breathlessly written strawberry prose about what a classic the 87 LeBaron is or whatever. Meanwhile the same car goes for half the price on AutoTrader.

This is a decent example of that effect. It’s a nice example of an old 911, but it’s not a 718 or a 356 Speedster. These cars are not hard to find and for a lot less.

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My Mini is nearly that color - “Mellow Yellow”.

beautiful car in a horrific color

Is it still running?
I had the SE V6 same year. Worst car I ever owned. Was relatively fun to drive, I “gave it away” for 1200 bucks in 1995 just to be rid of the damn thing.

This Porsche is extremely cool, but as others have noted BAT is a silly place to buy a car.

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