This 1990s computer animation will melt your brain

I figured it was probably something like that, or just made-up gibberish, but given the details of the ravens, the wolves, etc. it seemed likely he’d used an authentic language.

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Maybe the audio is recorded backwards?

It’s more like, “‘L’, but unvoiced” – at least in “Welsh as a foreign language” class. There’s a lot of accents in those parts so I can’t speak with authority.

Paul is dead?

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It’s really not

But with preaspiration, I thought? Never learned it but was always told by people who know such things that there’s preaspiration involved.

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It can even be both - I think reading “art” as synonymous with “good” is a mistake

The video is so breathtakingly bad, you might not have noticed that the Wired article also makes clear that the artist is also a terrible person.

I think? It’s hard to even make the noise without a little preaspiration. And the tongue position is a bit different than an Actual L (at least the way I figured out how to do it). If there’s too much aspiration (or if your tongue is in a bad spot) it ends up sounding… spitty.


I guess to a non-Welsh speaker (I don’t speak Welsh), is sounds kind of the like Scottish, or German “ch”, but at the beginning of a word.

To me, a non-Welsh speaker, it sounds most similar to the Scottish, or German “ch”

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