This 1995 Ferrari 348 Spider is enhanced by a Pioneer CD player

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In other words, more $ in maintenance in the last year than the likely selling price?


Are you sure?


There was a video on YouTube a while ago: a couple of car vloggers had bought themselves a used Ferrari, and the past year’s maintenance and service (only some of which they themselves had done) came to $30,000. That was not really unusual, so I understand.


Everyone I know who has a classic Italian sports car 1) spends tons of money 2) rarely can use it.


I looked over the ad, doesn’t actually say anything about a “cd changer”, just a regular ol’ cd player in the dash, which is fine by me. Whatchu got against cds?

Not that I would ever buy an impractical mid-life-crisis-ego-massager like this.

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28k miles and they’re replacing clutch, water pump, and AC Compressor?

The belts, tires, and engine mounts are rubber, so it makes sense that they need to be replaced after almost a quarter century, but the clutch replacement suggests very hard (or unskilled) driving and the water pump suggests neglect. The AC compressor however shouldn’t have failed and is probably a piece of crap.

I’d be carefully examining the radiator for rust. I’m guessing the PO didn’t change the coolant and let the rust inhibitors run out and now the cooling channels are clogged with oxidized metal.


Crack pipe


Is the water pump driven by the timing belt? If so that might have just been replaced because it is old and once you get the engine out to replace the timing belt you might as well replace the water pump.

It almost certainly wasn’t a 25 year old timing belt. The timing belt was last changed in 2018, but it probably is on its 4th or 5th timing belt. At least that is what I understand is normal for Ferraris from this era.


Alternatively, the flywheel may have corroded into the pressure plate or vice-versa if it sat for a while.

I thought Ferrari engines supplied the music to drivers.


90’s era Japanese sports coupes are where it is at.

Honda NSX
Toyota MR2
Toyota Supra
Nissan 300zx
Eagle Talon / Mitsubishi Eclipse
Dodge Stealth / Mitsubishi 3000gt


What it needs is a Pioneer LaserActive with Sega Genesis add-on

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I should buy one of these puppies or an old Countach so as to maximize my Outrun lifestyle.

Can you just imagine how sick it would be rolling around in one of these with the top down, blaring some synthwave you burned to an audio CD so as to play it in the Pioneer?

SHIT I need to make this happen…!

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I used to have a clarion system with a junk box in the trunk

A fiero bodykit Countach is probably more reliable as well as affordable.


LOL that would be the cost-effective approach, yes… :slight_smile:

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Hello fellow jalop


Agreed, the image appears to show a single-disc unit.

Sure. One company I was at, the “never sell” owner sold it out for a garage full of Ferraris.

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