This 23-year-old who is charged with posing as a NYC lawyer to grift 'clients' also co-founded 'Students for Trump'

To be honest though, if I were a con man, I’d definitely do things like start a group like “Students for tRump”. Why go searching for marks when they’ll willingly come to you? It’s pre-selection for an easily conned group.


True. Butt putting his name on stuff and then putting his name on more stuff is really all that matters for him.

Trump supporter turns out to be horrible person/criminal. There’s a shocker.

I’d be much more surprised to see a Trump supporter who’s a decent human being with a moral compass. The two seem mutually exclusive given his policies and history.


It’s not just the highest levels, either. There’s a very good argument to be made that the entirety of modern “conservatism” in America is riddled with con-men and grifters, and has been from the very start.

Rick Perlstein’s 2012 article The Long Con from The Baffler is a very good read on the subject. And the really baffling and horrifying thing is how Trump and his crowd make Mitt Romney and the earlier Republican liars look like sober, serious, truth-loving elder statesmen.


This is one of the worst outcomes of the Trump presidency, IMO.
It’s bad enough that before now we always had to hear about how awesome St. Reagan was. Now a decade out from his disaster, Bush2 is being fondly remembered.


I wannabe thief idolizes a successful thief. Gee, what a surprise.

Like a dog marking his territory.

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