This $40 app splits songs into instrumentals and vocal tracks like music magic

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I hope it sounds better than that robotic intro.


Or learn to do this using existing free software such as Audacity.




Audacity has a ‘vocal reduction and isolation’ plugin in its ‘effects’ menu. I’ve not found it massively impressive.

You can try out an AI-based method at it’s disturbingly good.


Why would I pay $40 for an app (and ongoing fees to use it) when I can use the Open-Source AI project it’s based on, called Spleeter, which can do all this and more, for free, on your own computer.


A multi-instrumentalist BF told me about the Thompson back in the early 90s when I’d asked him about removing vocal tracks.

This knowledge has proven infinitely useful: I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cracked up musicians by saying, “Well, there’s nothing wrong with this song that a Thompson couldn’t fix.”

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I found spleeter to be a pain to install and get working and not suited for the average joe (lots of command line entries). However some sites such as vocalremover(dot)org and lala mentioned above have backended spleeter into them and offer a painless and free alternative

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