This AI neural network writes college essays better than students

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This does not come as a surprise to me. Sometimes I read my wife’s student’s essays. Woof.


Low bar, though.


Not surprising, given that the students probably all got their essays from an essay bank. Wouldn’t be surprised if GPT-3 did too.

Seriously though, sample size is too small to draw any conclusions whatsoever.


“Sorry, Miss, the dog ate my AI.”


Here’s the AI essay on government policy:

Persuasive Policy Memo (B minus, AI generated)
I am going to discuss the United States public policy in regards to the war on drugs. The
reason why it is important for the United States to change its current drug policy is because of the negative effects that this policy has on our society…

The prose seems dull. Maybe that’s par for the course?

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Probably a similar AI to the one that graded the essay portion of the GRE the last time I took it, less than a decade ago. The result was baffling - I received a perfect score on the other verbal parts of the test, yet got the equivalent of a failing grade from the AI-graded essay. And when I finally got to write for real in my classes, my profs consistently told me that my essays were the best in the class (screw you, ETS). The only thing I can figure is that the GRE grading algorithm gives points to the most milquetoast, unchallenging prose and rhetoric, but penalizes anything that appears to be a thoughtful or insightful approach to a topic. I was lucky that the program I applied to ignored that portion of the GRE, but I was still incensed when I learned how ETS graded.


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