This automatic dishwashing contraption will blow your mind

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On the one hand, ten plus ups for awesome Rube Goldberg machine. I never tire of these things.

On the other hand, probably just faster, less messy, and likelier to result in cleaner dishes if you just wash them by hand. We just moved into a new place with no dishwasher, so here we are washing by hand and it works fine.


My 5yo is very into robotics videos right now, and I’ve noticed that quite a few of them feature robots loading a dishwasher. I kind of wonder whether people hate dishwasher loading because it feels like you’re just doing a menial task before the dishwasher does the real work, so it feels a little hollow. My real question is though, as someone who has washed my dishes by hand for 20 years, if people aren’t washing their dishes, when do they listen to podcasts?


The What’s Your Problem podcast is wonderful.

I don’t particularly enjoy it because it feels like a shitty game of Tetris. Meaning that my dishes are a certain shape and configuration, while the dishwasher always offer a less than ideal way to configure those items inside. It becomes a game of maximizing the space efficiency of a poorly optimized system. It’s a menial task that irritates me because it could be so much better.

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