This baby rhino trying to play with its mom is the purest thing you'll see all week

Well, let’s just say, stay far, far away from ‘A Serbian Film’. Even I don’t want to subject myself to that and I LOVE ‘The Devil’s Rejects’ :slight_smile: We are so far off the main topic…


Oh, I’ve been warned; and even if I had not been, the plot description alone would have repelled me.

I was just going to say, we’re seriously derailing the thread… but there’s only so much gushing over the cuteness of a baby rhino playing that one can do.

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Also, mom and son have a happy, if weird, ending in the Babadook. You want really weird? The Descent, uncut. That ending makes you have to question the rest of what you just watched.


I was watching the Descent with a couple of mates, and one of them had just said, “When does this get gory?”, when that truck full of building supplies entered the shot. Oh, how we laughed.

On the Rhino subject, Indian Rhinos*, like these, do look like the work of a lazy costume designer. If they weren’t real, I would find them very unconvincing.

*I Googled to find what sort these are.

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This is so much fun to watch. That baby has a lot of energy. I just can’t fathom killing one of these majectic animals for their horn or killing an elephant for their tusks. Not only are elephants intelligent and sentient creatures you can tell rhinos understand what playing and having fun is. On top of that these large animals are the last of the giant fauna that populated this Earth for millions of years. Just look at them and you can see their primeval characteristics. Look at the armor like folds in the rhinos skin. They are just a wonder to behold. Mother Earth can’t keep up with human greed and mindless self gratification. My most primitive instincts to this is simply, death to poachers.


i aspire to have as much happiness in my life as that baby rhino!

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