Orphaned baby rhino walks little girl to school


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Aww… now I want a baby rhino!


After what happened to a gorilla last week, I want the human race to create some decent sanctuaries for endangered species and provide them with protection and veterinary care - and otherwise gtfo.


. o O (I wonder if they realize I didn’t really want a baby rhino…)



PBF always gets a like from me.

But seriously, Ol Pej is doing some great work on endangered animal conservation. It’s really sad that it looks like the local poachers have put the final nail in the coffin of the Northern white rhino. Their TV series gives a very interesting look into how many moving pieces a place like that truly has.


Ringo the Rhino, my heart melts like a grilled cheese sandwich.


Needs a unicorn chaser.


Bo yo sho ro ho kro no plo so.


Cute now, but one day he’ll grow up to be an antagonist of the Amazing Spiderman.


Just for once, can’t we pretend all media isn’t dominated by comic books?


She found her spirit animal :slight_smile:


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