Western Black Rhinoceros declared extinct


Nice work alternative and complimentary “medicine”. Costing people millions of dollars, sometimes their life savings, wasn’t enough, killing people through improper care wasn’t enough, you had to actually start driving species extinct.

Whats next on your list? More rhino species? Great apes? Sharks? Tigers? (the list goes on)


You’d think the availability of actual, effective, non-magical boner pills would have made more of a dent in the market for those rhino horns.


Damn this makes me so sad.


There are teams of people out there cataloguing genetic samples of endangered animals, right?


Yes there are, but if you’re thinking a Jurassic Park-style revival that’s still a lot easier said than done.


That’s awesome.
But we need one of those on the moon.

Sad :frowning:

That guy looks like a creature from another time. And now he is.

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If I remember correctly, there are less than 10 of the Northern White Rhinos… 3 in captivity (non-breeding), 4 that were transferred from zoos to a preserve in Africa and a handful of wild sightings. Won’t be long until they will join the Western Black Rhinos… :frowning:

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Viagra doesn’t also cure cancer, make you smarter, make you immune to AIDS, etc… It can’t compete.

Jesus Fuck Christ!

Kill one to save the species? Texas club auctions chance to hunt endangered rhino

I’m hoping that eventually a savvy alternative-medicine practitioner will realize that powdered Viagra is every bit as effective for treating those ailments as powdered rhino horn is.


Well. . . as of late I’ve seen too many stories about just how f$%ked our world is becoming: rhinos gone, lemurs and orangutans and (fill-in-the-blank) almost gone, starfish turning to goop from rising ocean temperatures, huge islands of junk in the pacific, lionfish wiping out native species, fisherman not catching anything in spots where they used to catch tons of fish . . . .

It’s time we recognize that for every one of us, our mere existence is contributing to the death of species.

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This makes sense in some ways, but:

What good would it do to have the DNA and no eggs to implant it in? If you stuck the material in a closely related species’ egg maybe you’d get a viable gamete. There’s been work done on making sperm. But with all rhino species under threat, how long will eggs be available? Or wombs to stick them in?

Where do you put the resurrected species? Global warming and encroachment on preserves isnt’ going to get any better.

I’d save that DNA, sure, but don’t expect any Jurassic Park action any time soon.

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Just a heads up that, while absolutely tragic, this happened two years ago! http://www.iucnredlist.org/details/39319/0

And just because the article is a bit hazy, it might be worth reiterating that this is a subspecies extinction, and not an entire species- if the reaction two years ago is anything to go by, there are usually a lot of people crying out about the loss of the Black Rhino species as a whole. :confused:


You also can’t make dagger handles out of viagra… (many black rhino horns ended up as Jambiya dagger handles for trendy Arabs)

There are a lot of the Northern White’s cousins, the Southern White (from 100’s to tens-of-thousands – one of the few success stories).
One of the problems that doomed the Northern White is the fact that they weren’t recognized as a separate species until it was too late.


You are obviously a tool of Big Pharma, attacking beloved, time-tested natural remedies to promote big-business medicine!

I eat an endangered baby lemur every day. Sure, it is kind of sad to hear them howl when I start the blender, but I haven’t gotten leprosy, the bubonic plague, or eclampsia my entire life. PROOF!


(Yeah, I didn’t mean to reply to your comment, I was trying to reply to the topic and pressed the wrong reply button. Then I couldn’t write the same thing I’d written before because it was deemed too similar by the machine so I had to add some more text.)

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