The last male white rhino in the world has died

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“Medicinal.” Snorting ground rhino horn—chemically no different than fingernails—is not medicinal. Even if you get a placebo effect that helps with impotence, it’s not medicinal.

Anyway…I hope we can use cloning to revive the species.


It seems as though they could have collected sperm to impregnate females like they do horses. Perhaps even frozen the sperm. Possible? I don’t know.


And if we do, let’s also figure out how to build in slow-release cyanide into the molecular structure of the horns so future snorters will be weeded out of OUR gene pool.


Did anyone predict rising wealth in China would be such a disaster for wildlife? From rhino horn to bear gall bladders, tiger parts, and live exotics for the table, they’re hoovering up wildlife.


Next up?


Hey, don’t get all worked up snowflakes because the lord will just wave his divine little finger when it’s time, and poof! New rhinos.

NO. The last male “NORTHERN” White Rhino in the world has died. Southern white rhinos, while poached and endangered are the most common rhino in the wild.

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The rhino in the photo is not the one that died.

I guess there’s nothing to be angry about in this story then. What a relief!

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No, be angry, but reserve a little for misleading headlines. A sub-species is bad, but not as bad as a species.

You’re absolutely right. I’m sick as a dog today and as high as a monkey on flu meds. I’ll see this sorted out ASAP.

I don’t know either, but i heard that rhinos were very difficult to breed this way, now I’m curious.

A quick nip off to google turned up an interesting piece from BBC that goes through the process:

The internet comes through again…

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