This bundle of online classes will help you learn the math you forgot in high school and college

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Two words: Khan Academy


Real algebra, or abstract algebra, is NOT numbers based. It’s completely abstract. Number Theory is definitely number based and is at least as difficult as abstract algebra.

But that first word is a really long one if you say it right.


Why would I pay money for this?

I can’t think of a reason.

Seems like BB is all ads now, 8 out of 18 links are to the store.

sale ends today, and the search engine will give you more results than you asked for. I’d suggest using the “book->textbook” limit if you don’t care to pay more than 15 euros.

I picked up Mathematics for Computer graphics, which normally goes for around $45.

I feel sorry for the BoingBoingStore. Right-wing sites have such an easy time with their merch-selling mechanism built-in. They can sell MAGA hats and hydroxychloroquine to all of them.

BoingBoing has smarter readers who see through ad propaganda and question everything, and many are anti-consumerist or minimalist in life philosophy. Selling to BoingBoingers is a thankless task!

It doesn’t help, of course, that most of what is offered in the Store is a variation on “20,000 hours of javascript training for $20” and other heavily “discounted” training that, like this math class, can be found elsewhere cheaper (or free).

There are so many good products that are discussed on BoingBoing or fit the personality of the website, but those aren’t the products we see here.

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