This 'Celebrating Fall' comic strip may cause panic attacks


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Scarves are well known to be useful in protecting you from nuclear winter. Do they also help protect against fallout?


The same theme in music form:

“High above a spot appears
A little blossom blooms
And then draws near.”


Pumpkin Spice radioactive fallout.


Honestly I fear pumpkin spice more than I fear the existential dread of nuclear missiles… but then I think I got my fill of nuclear powered existential dread in the 80’s.


Has fear of nuclear war ever helped anybody to live their lives, or prepare for the future?

It’s the politics of despair, apathy, and control. If somebody can get you to fear for and cling to your life, they can coerce you into doing pretty much anything they like. The only real solution is to not fear death.

To put in perspective - if you KNOW that the Trumps/Mays/Kims/Putins of the world are going to be the death of you, then what would you possibly have to lose by using what life you have by striking out against them? And if the risk isn’t great enough for that, then why waste time impotently worrying about it?

Stress kills.


Why is cartoon Trump holding a square? Identifying him as a Square Ruler perhaps?


They’re having a dick, hrmph, I mean “nuke” measuring contest. Though you’re correct, it shouldn’t be a square, but one of those tiny plastic classroom rulers.





Cute, but if I want nicely drawn commentary about nuclear war I will re-read my When the Wind Blows graphic novel.


Quietly sobs.

And for the full distressing effect, maybe follow it up with a screening of “Grave of the Fireflies”.


From The Realist, 1961:


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