This Chrome extension lets you read without distractions

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I use the freebie Reader View extension.
It’s a great help getting rid of ads, moving gifs, etc.
(if only it would get rid of the BoingBoing Store posts!)


Or you can just go to which does the same thing for free, plus routes around many paywalls!

@boingboing your ads are getting quite sneaky.


I use Firefox with uBlock Origin for maximum control over third-party scripts, which also blocks ads.

For fun I opened in another browser without script blocker, and it almost looks like satire, with the actual content being a square in the center, floating in an island of ads …


Firefox does this natively, very well and of course for free. Just sayin’.


Mercury Reader is another free Chrome extension that does this.

you guys really need to identify your ads better

I feel tricked by this one

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agreed …

The post on the BBS is from @boingboingshop - with information in the profile that these are sponsored posts. The author on the main site is “Boing Boing’s Shop”, and the post is tagged “Shop”.

Posts from this account on Boing Boing are sponsored posts from StackCommerce. Please contact shop support for assistance. Thanks!

This is the same for every Shop post.


And none of that info is on the actual post, which is your ad was called sneaky.

BTW, not only is this ad deceptive, it doesn’t comply with the FTC’s rules:

Disclosures that are necessary to avoid misleading consumers must be presented clearly and prominently. Whether a disclosure of a native ad’s commercial nature meets this standard will be measured by its performance – that is, do consumers recognize the native ad as an ad? Only disclosures that consumers notice, process, and understand can be effective. Inadequate disclosures can’t change the net impression created and won’t stop consumers from being deceived that advertising or promotional messages are something other than ads.

I appreciate the armchair lawyering and skimming of what I wrote, but as I said:

That is, as you say, on the actual post. It is also spelled out the same way in our privacy policy. You know, the thing the actual lawyers vetted.

This store post is no different than any other. If you take issue with all our shop posts, we’ll, fair enough. There are a billion other sites for you to visit, and I’m sorry we have disappointed you.

However, as this post is labelled identically to ever other store post, this discussion is offtopic here. Not to mention I we have made these exact same comments a million times before, and I have no interest in rehashing them again.