Dark Reader: dark mode for any website

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I’ve been using this for a couple of weeks now and LOVE it!


I’ve been using Midnight Lizard in Chrome, but disabled it yesterday because I got tired of how much it slowed down page load. Dark Reader seems to be faster so far. I’ve only tested it on few websites.

Also, in all fairness to Midnight Lizard, the slowness may be a problem for me because I use a Samsung Chromebook 3 (which is adult-rocking a Celeron) and a 2009 MacBook Pro, so not the fastest machines.

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Are you able to explain why you love it? Rob’s post does a fine job of explaining what it does, but nothing about why I’d care :no_mouth:

I dont know him, but I find that white background schemas irritate my eyes and fatigue them much quicker. Which was not a big problem when I was 30, but at 46 is starting to hurt.


I’m sure it’s useful - I just get too creeped out when I see image
I see the GitHub project and privacy policy. Still feel creeped out (tin foil hat is now on).

Dark Reader

Good name for anything.


I tried Dark Reader for a while today, but uninstalled it because it introduced a loading lag that I wasn’t happy with, not to mention that it broke some of the webpages I was looking at.

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It turns all the usually bright colors or white backgrounds to black or shades of grey which is much easier on the eyes. It’s really nice if you’re web surfing at night or in a dark environment. I’ve having a hard time putting it into words right now (long day of parenting, sorry). From the Firefox extension description: “This eye-care extension enables night mode creating dark themes for websites on the fly. Dark Reader inverts bright colors making them high contrast and easy to read at night.”

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Duh: Maddox has had this up for years: “I’ve chosen a black background for most of my text because it’s easier on the eyes than staring at a white screen. Think about it: your monitor is not a piece of paper, no matter how hard you try to make it one. Staring at a white background while you read is like staring at a light bulb (don’t believe me? Try turning off the lights next time you use a word processor). Would you stare at a light bulb for hours at a time? Not if you want to keep your vision.”


Should be an option in Word!

I love the white print on a black background here at bbs. It’s how I always view this site now.

At night on my phone, I use a screen filter, but with the lights off, white-background pages are still too bright, and bbs is just right. I can’t understand why more sites (why, as far as I know, any OTHER sites!) don’t offer this option, since it would likely increase their readership.

Wait, what? What is this option of which you speak?

It’s in the Settings. At Interface on the left, choose Dark for the Theme.

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