This closed terrarium has been going strong since 2007

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So we can build a generation ship, but we can’t guarantee which species will be dominant by the time it reaches its destination…


This may well be the only thing left after the planet is gone…

Meh… if you want green and various life forms, should see what the inside of my fridge looks like.

The isopods are beginning to have philosophical conversations about living in a simulation.


I find watching these videos extremely relaxing. Biological life really is a crazy thing.

It would be pretty cool if this jar was sealed long enough for parallel evolution to take place, introducing new species of jar beings.

No longer able to survive outside the jar, the Jarrists hatch a plan to find and colonize a bigger, more glorious jar. After many failed experiment to perfect tube technology, due to not having very much raw material to work with, the Jarrists turn to Tardis Warping, expanding the inside of the jar without changing the outside.

After the destruction of the SpaceTime :tm: continuum, the Jarrists celebrate by obliterating several other dimensions, before settling in a new, strange land.

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