This company analyzed 100 million headlines to find out which ones were the most effective

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In recognition of the Great White North’s 150th anniversary, here’s Michael Kinsley’s choice for the most boing headline in history:

Worthwhile Canadian Initiative


Personally, given the events of the last year, I’m all for more of those boring headlines.


I’m digging on Nikitia trolling Ike like that, “join us in a commonwealth of sputni— oh, wait, you don’t have any! Just us. Do you even lift, bro?”


I had a hard time believing this research, and then I remembered who is currently President…


This article and BBS post will make you question the nature of epistemology, journalism and society.

May I have blogging monies now?


Where do we send the check for 49 cents?


I guess this makes sense. There’s so much out there to read, I guess people want to be told not just what’s in the tin, but also exactly what the thing in the tin will do. Unless everyone is just taking it as a challenge, i.e. “You can’t tell me how to feel!”

ETA: interesting to note that “make you cry” specifically is all the way down at number 9…

“Tears of joy are freaking out! Twitter reacts to what happens next…”

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Did they bother to measure how well they did in terms of informing people? No? Ok then, so we’re considering the effectiveness of journalism only in so far as it makes people money.


“This is why 12 stunning photos will make you cry” should be a blockbuster!

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Can we guess that this is why only 1 in 10 will make you?

I’ve been seeing a lot of “this story will make you sad/make you cry/tear your heart out” headlines. I always think to myself, “I don’t want that, so I’ll skip the story”. Why would anyone deliberately choose to be sad? Come to my house, give me money, and let me hit you in the head if you want to be sad.


What happened next will make you too cute to stop laughing



I think the first sentence I ever read was “Men Walk on Moon.”

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Girl Poses For Class Photo. 30 Years On, Her Fiancé Looks At Bottom Left Corner And Gasps

That’s not the headline; that’s the whole story.

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Isnt that what the actual article is for? I was under the impression that the headline was the hook for the actual content, not the content itself.

Coincidentally, these are also the headlines most convincing of the proposition that society has decayed beyond redemption.

“OMG! The Internet if freaking over this baby bump, you guys! This is totally news.”