This company analyzed 100 million headlines to find out which ones were the most effective


That is more or less my point: the analysis is about what headlines incite people to share the link to the article on social media; however they don’t bother investigating what headlines incite people to actually read the respective articles. There’s a big difference between number of shares and number of reads. I have no evidence for it, but I’m willing to wager that there are more shared articles unread by the sharer than shared articles read by the sharer. The goal of a headline should be to get someone to read and be informed by an article, not to increment an arbitrary measure of popularity. Yes, informativeness still relies on the content of the article, but a headline that gets someone to read the article rather than just share it is a reasonable proxy.

Matt Groening based his empire on that premise.

I imagine you’d be forgiven for trying to forget.

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… that you did not read on… and be guaranteed a 12 hour orgasm!"

See what you could have had?

OK we seem to be in agreement anyway.

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