Trump and the weird attention economy of Facebook

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I have noticed this, that Facebook does the polar opposite of AdWords with their Quality Score. Where Google tries to set their system up to reward, well, not being an asshat, Facebook encourages you to be one.


Maybe it’s time to rehabilitate the image of Coastal Metropolitan Media Elites. Yes, the 20th century’s centralised media gatekeepers were dismissive of the tastes of hillbillies, slobs, dropouts and dimwits; but the flip side is that they insisted on acting as if those people were a bit more than just a pack of barking dogs, even if that meant leaving a few advertising pennies on the table.

Facebook’s utterly amoral, industrial-scale attention abbatoir doesn’t leave anything on the table. Their algorithms devour every last part of the consumer buffalo, no matter how disgusting. Because they deliberately left no room for human judgment, their machinery automatically detects all the cheap, grimy angles that human ad sellers might think of but wouldn’t actually do. Like, for instance, the observation that people with no economic value still have a vote that someone will pay money for.


“It’s the same shit we use in commercial, just has fancier names.”

Succinct and true.


So where does Boing Boing’s favorite trashvertiser MGID fall?

Seriously @pesco, @doctorow, @frauenfelder, et al. I know you need to turn on the lights, but the ada served by this group are trashy at best, and downright exploitive and manipulative at worst. As an advocate for digital literacies, I resent seeing them every single time I see them, and am disappointed in Boing Boing for serving them (that’s right! Disappointed!). The irony in calling out Facebook is rich.

Why can’t you be more like John Gruber’s Daring Fireball?


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