This company makes windows that convert to balconies

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Neat concept. Don’t they have bugs there? I prefer an option to open and close a door behind me.


I’d be more concerned that the window frame or its connection to the rest of the house might not be strong enough to support the weight of people out on a lever arm.

Install on this is going to require a whole lot of expensive work strengthening the wall around the window.


The concept is interesting but i dont see why the bottom needs to be glass, could be something more robust like metal. Still the overall idea while neat seems like an insurance liability nightmare that would be a financial risk for developers to implement as any issues might be blamed on them if there’s a failure. And for owners of these units or renters their insurances might be higher because balconies in general drive up rates and this mechanical version would be seen as an even bigger liability.


I had the same thought. I’m not into standing on glass. I’ve heard lots of folks at the Grand Canyon enjoy it, though.


avoid if wearing skirt or dress


“The only disconcerting part might be the pane of glass that doubles as a floor. That might trigger guests’ vertigo, and walking around on it seeks it might scuff or scratch it.” Or it could break and you fall to your death. That would also be disconcerting too, but only for a little while.


This company makes apartments into old-timey filing cabinets.


This is clearly a brilliant solution! Does anyone know what the problem is?

(Surely it would be easier and cheaper to have a permanent balcony and a permanent sliding door? Motors and load-bearing moving parts are expensive to build and maintain.)


I see this basically as a way to circumvent zoning laws.


I’m guessing this is for condos where you aren’t allowed to add a balcony to the building. However, those rules usually apply to any changes to the outside of the building so this would still be a problem. And for good reason. Even if by some miracle it manages to match the aesthetics of the rest of the building you have just added a huge area for water intrusion that will affect the unit directly below you.

IMHO the glass floor is the least of this things issues. All of the moving parts having to support the weight of people banging around on the balcony means there are a lot of failure points and places where the alignment can be knocked off kilter so it doesn’t properly seal up.


It’s like a corporate suicide enabler. Let’s install some on Wall Street.

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Needs transparent aluminum.


Well, you want to keep costs down. Better get it installed by the lowest bidder.


Oh cool. It’s always comforting knowing in advance how you’re going to die.

Make sure to replace the glass with plexi and 3D print the mechanism used transform from window to balcony. So much saving. :wink:


One other issue I can see: what happens when the mechanism inevitably jams open (exposure to the elements is gonna get to it sooner or later)? Now you have a balcony sans door. Hope you’ve got a repair guy on speed dial who can get in and fix it before any inclement weather rolls in…


Perfect for that Peterbilt-based 18 wheeler RV.

So, more expensive, folks on the street can look up at you like a fish bowl and there’s no way to block air exchange if it’s particularly hot or cold outside. To each their own I guess. Looking down through the floor would be fun though.

instead of a glass floor can I have a glass ceiling and trap door?