This cool night light projector beams the entire universe right on to your bedroom ceiling

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We got one of those because DH likes the gadgetry. Notes: the stars are generated by a green laser shining through some type of diffraction grating, and are either cycling on and off on a fast dimmer about once every 30s, or stay on at the brightest setting. We would have liked to be able to pause it about halfway, for the most realistic effect. The ‘nebula’ setting has static lighted clouds in several color combos, which are very nice, or the clouds can be set to move and swirl. Either are pleasant, but the motor for the moving clouds effect is a bit noisier that you might want for a child’s room or romantic encounter, rather like a raspy version of a white noise generator. You can also use Bluetooth to sync it to your phone or tablet if you want music. When we were first testing it out, sometimes it would blurt out some comment as we were fidgeting with the settings.
eta: No, we bought this through Amazon on our own, not from BB’s shop.


I LIKE IT! A lot.

“HugeHard”? o.O

Nah, this isn’t accurate. If I buy it, Neil deGrasse Tyson will haunt me in my dreams.

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