This cute MicroSD card for the Nintendo switch is on sale

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Ooo. Nice price. Don’t mind if I do.

Your daughter is 100% correct to prefer the cartridge over a download.


Beyond the licenced branding, is there anything that makes it different than any other SDXC card that is U3 rated? Is that transfer speed needed?

The cards are not terribly more expensive, but I was just wondering?

In reality, I just like the branding, at the same time I was wondering if there was some reason one would choose this particular card beyond the image.

Red. Enhances everything.


Your daughter can still play her games in ten years when the servers are sundowned. She can even get a new switch off eBay to play her cartridges on. You won’t be able to. Even if you’ve got a backup it will be locked to the hardware / account combination, so you need Nintendo’s permission and if you can’t get it…


They are known to be exactly the same as the regular ones, just with a bit of markup because of the logos printed on them. If the discount here is decent it doesn’t matter at all.

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My first card was a normal 128 GB SanDisk, and it works fine. It’s almost full. I figured I might as well get the “Nintendo” one while it’s on sale.

As for DL vs cartridges, when possible and affordable I prefer cartridges – same with disc based gaming systems; I prefer discs – for the reasons mentioned. Not wanting to be locked to a DRM scheme that involves servers.

That said, not everything you may want to play on the Switch, PS3/4, XBox, comes on a disk. EDF5 on the PS4 is a “download only” game here in the US. It’s one of my family’s favorite games to play together, and there was no way I wasn’t going to get it.

So yeah, I’ve lost access to DL games before (mainly on iOS), and it sucks. But it’s the direction the industry is heading. In the meantime, I’m going to play what I want while I can.

The year is 2019, and we can buy discounted memory cards with a picture of the president’s penis printed on them. What a time to be alive.

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The correct “correct way” would be to wait a year and buy the goty-version on cartridge with all the patches and dlc included.

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