This Day in Blogging History: Punk space program; Latvian hospital fetish restaurant; Delivering Wifi by motorcycle in Cambodia


Ugh. Anyone have a link to an uncensored version of Punk Voyager? It’s difficult to read as-is. Also, whoever did the hack job didn’t even bother to take the extra 30 seconds to do case-sensitive search-and-replace, so capital “Fuck” and “Shit” at the beginnings of sentences become lower-case “f***” and “s***”.

There was one, I believe, at the time this was first posted. You could do a find & replace on all the asterisk words. It’s unbearably twee putting them in in the first place; I remember thinking, ‘Oh good, a new site full of SF’, then being completely put off by the overzealous bowdlerising. Meh.

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