This Day in Blogging History: Spaghetti ice-cream; Royalties for Gitmo torture-music; BananaSlug searching

One year ago today Ice-cream that looks like spaghetti: spaghettieis: “A German ice-cream dish that looks like spaghetti Bolognese. The noodles are extruded white ice-cream.” Five years ago today Are musicians owed royalties for performance of their music in torture chambers? Recording artists whose music is played by torturers in Gitmo are owed performance royalties.… READ THE REST

I have always wondered why German style ice cream parlors aren’t big in the US. Spaghettieis is fantastic, and Fruchtbecher, and all of the crazy over-the-top German ice cream treats. And they are lovely, aesthetic as well as tasty. Sigh.

Funny - in Germany they’re called “italian style”.

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