Ice Cream named after Hitler in India is tasteless


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May I be the first to point out the banality of vanilla.


I am utterly confused by the Uncle Sam/Hitler mashup.


Clearly these are ice cream cones named after Hitler, not ice cream. And indeed, the standard low-grade ice cream cone is so devoid of flavor as to hardly be worthy of consumption; the waffle-cone upgrade is almost always a necessity.

Also, the cone being held aloft by the smiling fellow clearly bears no resemblance to what is on the packaging. How suspicious.

(Also, for a second I thought the headline said “Indiana”.)


Notice what’s printed on the packaging: only permitted colours and flavours!

Ice cream Nazis.



“Hey, let’s name our cones after Hitler, everybody loves Hitler!”


Those white guys all look the same.


For some context:

This isn’t happening in a vacuum of historical illiteracy. These folks know all about Hitler, and admire him.


I’ll have a double-scoop of Arbeit Mocha Frei.


Well, that’s nightmarish.

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck certain people in India, I suppose.


Didn’t we have this story last month - or maybe it was Indonesia last time? And the explanation was that the manufacturer just thinks Hitler was a nostalgic old Euro dude like Stalin.


Somebody should open a “British Imperialism” frozen yogurt stand to show 'em how it feels.

As early as 2010, the BBC had noted that India was fascinated with the Nazi supremo. His biography - Mein Kampf - is a bestseller in the country, year after year, and merchandise like bandanas and key rings were ‘in demand’. The country has seen a Hitler’s Cross cafe (opened in Mumbai in 2006), the 2011 debut of a Hitler’s Den pool Hall, and the Gujarat apparel store…


I’d read that Hitler was a hero in Egypt and a few other Middle East nations, not for his anti-semitism, but because WWII broke the back of British imperialism.

Seeing the fucker adopted as a hero by Hindu nationalists is way depressing.


Hitler isn’t the boogey man in Asia like he is in the West. I mean, Pol Pot made him look kinda like an amateur in some respects. And I kinda get it. Hitler is sort of like “white people problems”. They also never stopped using the swastika in India, which has ancient roots in both Buddhism and Hinduism, so there isn’t that negative association.


Okay, the Swastika/Uncle Sam hat got a snort out of me.




The luftwaffle, eh?


Finally! Hitler Ice Cream Cones. The solution for treats that melt. It’s a gas.