You must sign a waiver before you are allowed to eat ghost pepper ice cream

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Problems with authority?

Rookie pepper heads, name the icecream after a even hotter pepper

Their waiver should cover thrown rolls as well, just in case.


Clever marketing in waiver-form is clever.

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I am a pepper head, and I say Good.

Most people are not capable of that level of heat. I’m pretty good, but after a few really spicy habaneros (raw, with seeds) I will projectile vom. Ask me how I know this.


I like spicy food (although now that I’m pushing forty, I have to eat it in very strict moderation because otherwise the next morning begins unpleasantly). And I don’t get this. What’s with this macho daredevil attitude toward eating? Are we all so psychologically screwed up about food that we had to turn it into punishment? Spicy food is delicious because the heat brings out flavor, not because it hurts. Well, I suppose people must get some pleasure out of it, even if it’s masochistic, and I can’t sneer at that. I just don’t get it.


Back in the 1950s they did this with horror movies, adding scary warning labels to boost sales. Worked like a charm. I think I recall some amusement parks did it too.



If you do happen to visit Rehoboth Beach, you should make a point to visit this place. They have tons of good flavors, and they’ll let you sample as many as you want.


Well, I know I am psychologically damaged. I have the therapy bills to prove it.


All well-stocked and variegated bulk food and spice shop out in a nearby town - I visit when I’m in the area - has a largish collection of capsaicin sauces. About a half a dozen of them require signed waivers for purchase.

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It’s not macho - most of the chile heads I know are women. It’s a masochistic streak, and the chile high you get after eating something stupid-hot is intense.

I’ve had most of the stuff they put in that ice cream (I use Da’Bomb extract sauce in my breakfast most mornings, because coffee doesn’t work anymore) and I would definitely try it in a small dose, but I’d be prepared for doom and ruin brought down upon me for the next day.

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New Zealand’s HELL pizza do the same thing with their Flaming Dragon, which is topped with a combination of Yellow Red Choc, Ghost Peppers, Trinidad Scorpion, Congo Habaneros and Carolina Reapers. Carolina Reapers top out at 2.2 million Scovilles, so all in all it’s a stupidly hot pizza.

And I very stupidly tried it. The pain and streaming eyes weren’t unbearable, but ⅔ of the slice in, violent hiccups made it impossible to swallow any more. :scream_cat:


Holy literal hell on a stick. You just made my butt sympathetically burn.


Masochism I actually understand. So eating spicy food puts you in subspace, eh?

I think I’ll stick with the leather and chains.

I found it worse on the way in than on the way out, to be honest.

There was quite a wide range of responses in the 8 of us who tried to eat it. One guy managed most of a slice but went ashen white and spent the next 20 minutes alternating between raiding the fridge for milk, the bathroom to throw up and lying down groaning clutching his abdomen. He looked quite ill for a while. :cold_sweat:

Another ate the whole slice with no sign of discomfort at all and then went back to her beer with no comment. She scares me a bit now … :confused:

Most of us gave up between 1 bite and ⅔ of a slice and physically could not eat more. Only 3 ate a whole slice. With the exception of now scary lady, for most of us the burning and discomfort lasted about 20 minutes.

I don’t think we’ll be trying it again. :sweat_smile:

Edit: We didn’t compare notes on the after burn, so no point asking.


I write the laws that make the whole world sing
I write the laws of love and special things
I write the laws that make the young girls cry
I write the laws, I write the laws

Respect for authority is basically illiteracy. Back in the day, only special classes of people could read and write, so being an author inspired awe and implied supernatural symbolic skills. In democracyland, anybody can do it!

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What can I say, I have a very sympathetic butt.

That was a weird thing to say.


I guess you could say it gives a crap…

(okay, sorry that was bad, i’ll let myself out now…)


But respect for Scovilles is basic organic chemistry. :smiley: