After eating ghost peppers, this Danish boys choir sings a Christmas carol


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WTF? Who does this? It’s one thing for an adult to decide to demonstrate his/her machismo/stupidity by eating hot peppers – but giving them to kids? And then making them sing?

Christ, what an asshole.


Sometimes there’s a massive gulf between what can be done and should be done.


Agreed. If these kids eat the same traditional Danish meals my grandma cooked, peppers hotter than Serrano could really hurt them.


What was the point of this? I somehow doubt these were actual ghost peppers, perhaps a weaker strain of pepper. If they were ghost peppers I don’t think any one of them would actually be singing, they would more likely be puking their way through the chorus.


Agreed – I’ve noticed that as ‘ghost peppers’ have become more and more well known (showing up in fast-food burgers and potato chips) that things called “ghost peppers” have become weaker and weaker. Still, not cool, dude.


Better put the Toilet Paper roll in the freezer for the next day.


Coincidentally a co-worker gave me a bag of ghost peppers last week. He planted some himself and his pepper plants were really productive and he didn’t know what to do with all the peppers he had so he’s been trying to give them out. I took said bag and went to go freeze them to process later, but i did want to save the seeds in case i wanted to grow some down the line and holy shit this was a bad idea.

I was careful not to handle the pepper while slicing one of two open to get the seeds out, then i went to bed. I woke up the next morning feeling a small amount of burning on my left hand. It was very localized and didn’t burn much, so i washed my hands and immediately my entire hand was engulfed in searing fiery pain. Washed my hand like 5 times to no effect. I did some research and dipped my hand in white vinegar and the burning went away. Relieved i went to work… and shortly my hand was back to burning like the pits of Mt Doom. Washed my hands a few more times (did not help).

By the time i got home it mostly subsided but my hand would flare up with burning from the pepper on and off for 3 days. I am not exaggerating.

After that i am going to NOPE ghost peppers out of my life.


Redditor YetACleverUsername continues to report:

To add, I can also assure you, that they all left with a smile on their face, so it didn’t seem to have broken their spirits despite their temporary vacation in a heated hell.

Don’t worry. Before they began he was pretty thorough in explaining what to expect, and if anyone had changed their mind they could leave.

After all they were all there voluntarily

So, people, I recommend that we cancel the outrage.
Those kids are old enough to consent to a hot chili challenge.

It certainly is no reason to go calling someone an “asshole” in a public forum.
That might even be illegal according to danish law. :wink:

I am sure the kids have seen this video before, and were ready to rise to the challenge:


Why would they agree to this, publicity? Did everyone agree, or is that only a partial choir, or were some of them allowed to pretend? Did they get permission from each one of their parents? Where’s the inevitable asthma kid?


I’m thinking the answer to whether kids can comprehend the magnitude of the effects from the peppers–and consent to something they’ve not experienced before–is “no”.


I certainly never said it was cool. Why would anybody coerce anyone else to do something they may not be aware of what they are actually doing. Especially consuming it into their body where it may basically act as a toxin.


I’m in the US so i can call him an asshole all i want, even though i have not done so. Also even if he were in the US calling someone an asshole does not run afoul of libel/slander laws.



Don’t worry, I didn’t say you did; I was agreeing with you.


To teach people that the {sarcasm} proper {\sarcasm} way to show toughness is by self-punishment. In particular, this has the distinct flavor of toxic masculinity to me.


I grow superhot peppers every year. Not so much ghost anymore because I think they taste too smoky to be good in hot sauce (much prefer Scotch Bonnet). All the same, next time you fart around with anything hotter than jalapeno, I strongly recommend using nitrile gloves.


I have a box of gloves at home but it was late and my mind was not in the right place lol. Not sure if i want to bother growing the ghost peppers, however i am growing two habanero+bell pepper hybrids indoors and hoping to transition them to outside pots soon, and i’m germinating/sprouting about 4 Locoto/Rocoto peppers which is a really interesting variety. It’s a semi-wild variety, it likes the cold (the leaves are fuzzy because of its preference to cold weather). It also grows into a small tree and its lifespan is quite long… just over 10 years if i recall correctly. And the peppers are about on part with habanero but can be a tad spicier.

I had two large plants of it last year but they both died, one due to some sickness i could not figure out and the other i gave to my mom and that one caught a huge aphid infestation and she didn’t know how to save it.


I actually do think this demonstrates something else that is going on.

Note: all boys choir. For whatever reason…we males have a history of torturing and hazing our counterparts routinely and at all age levels. Notice how these boys were not forced fed these peppers…they were challenged to do it (I’ve seen Chili Klaus’ channel and vids before…he isn’t forcing anyone to do anything, it is definitely a willing “challenge accepted” scenario).

Half of those boys are struggling through the heat and pain yes…but the other half are laughing at themselves and one another. It is a direct comment on the “stupidity of men” to do something incredibly ill-advised simply because…CHALLENGE!!!

It is nice to know or frightening to know that whether it’s the dumb sports jocks, hard core gamers, frat-dude-bros, or a Danish All Boys Choir…men are sorta stupid all around.

edit: @Auld_Lang_Syne you and I both thought the same wave length…albeit I feel its less toxic masculinity and more masculine stupidity. Definitely both on the same spectrum, just different ends I feel.


I made a batch of ghost chili sauce - mostly onion by plant mass, so that the smallest amount you can measure makes your food merely very spicy, not agonizing. It’s delicious, and we have used less than half a small mason jar of it so far.

And yes, you want gloves for processing them. My wife also made me cook the sauce outside on the camping stove. She was right to do so.