Candy balls made with ghost peppers


For ten bucks, why not just buy pure capsaicin and add it to something you’d actually want to eat? Or if you’re just being macho about “such heat, very manliness”, just pour it straight down your throat?

Also, I thought we were against torture porn videos here on BB? Or do we make an exception for self-inflicted pain and suffering?

Hmm…I can see some fun times over Halloween coming up.

Great, make a ball shaped candy infused with pure agony. The problem? Not the hotness but the choking factor from the candy itself, couple that with the pepper and you’ve got a potential problem of epic proportions.

I’ve seen many videos of people reacting to extreme spice levels with involuntary hiccuping so… yeah.

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Yeah, capsaicin causes iritation and swelling (especially in the mucous membranes), meaning your throat is gonna pucker up tighter than a snare drum.

You might as well swallow an Irukandji Jellyfish and be done with it.



Soo change to lifesaver form?


Tzatziki sauce can help too, but having, knowing and sticking to your limits is a better plan. I suspect that, once that chunk of pepper hit his stomach, he was in for a long night, regardless of what he ate or drank.

Glitch, there are some spicy foods that also taste very good. A local wings place has a couple of them. At lower powers (“911”) the flavor is good and the heat is manageable. Up a level though, and it’s not for me. And I was eating raw chills before I was a year old (and supposedly really liked them.) Mistakes can happen, ‘medium’ can cover quite a range in restaurants (there was a good Thai place in Oxford once. If I ever get back there, I’ll settle for their idea of ‘mild’. I hope.

My limit on spiciness.

I ate ghost pepper at the County Fair in Denver last year. I wasn’t able to properly function for about 30-45 minutes afterwards. I eat most spicy stuff and hot peppers like it’s candy. This took me down. Hard.

On the plus side, you could grind up these candy balls and make bear spray out of it.


Is there actually anyone out there who would enjoy eating one of these, well, I suspect that they would be best described as “lucifer’s testicles”?

The only possible use of these that I can think of would be in “out-bro-ing” your wimpy non heat tolerant bros, or perhaps repackaging into more innocuous looking packaging to dissuade that dickhead roomate who keeps sneaking your tasty treats…

And I say this as someone who likes heat and chiles. We’ve gotten to the point where it’s more about scoville levels than actual flavor :frowning:

/tentatively raises hand.

Well, I don’t know about the ones above. I like these though and the same place also makes candy with Trinidad Scorpion chillis. Not tried them, mostly because strawberry candy is vile.

This chocolate bar is also made with the ghost chili. I bought one for my brother and he said it was like a gas chamber in his mouth. You can also get ghost chili salt from Jacobsens Salt.

This week we discovered an Indian supermarket in our neighbourhood. My wife is very fond of cherry pimentos, so she was very happy to find some there for a good price. The shopkeeper did say they were spicy, but she’d had pimento plenty of times before so she wasn’t worried.

Yeah, it turns out the crazy old man was right. Not a ghost pepper, but still quite a bit spicier than she was expecting. Good thing she didn’t go with the original plan of chopping a few of them up to go in our omelette…

Seriously? Wow. I honestly thought that things like this were made solely as novelty items.

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