This device lets me work in mosquito-free bliss

Permethrins are serious allergens and they can wreak enough havoc with the immune system to make you allergic to other things.

The natives of India taught this former Florida gal one other thing: you, sir, need curry, in quantity. Go for a good Madras blend with fenugreek seed and add industrial quantities of garlic. Five big cloves is good for two people. The garlic, fenugreek, and other spices are taken up in body odor and jam the skeeters’ olfactory sense.

I once had the pleasant experience of negotiating with two N FL police officers outside for a couple hours about the attempted theft of a car I owned. The last question they asked was “Why are the mosquitoes leaving you two alone and eating us alive?” Ship in the spices from an Indian grocer by mail.

Sunbeam used to make small ultrasonic devices that would keep a badly weatherstripped camper/tent free of skeeters except in the Mississippi River valley, where they are overwhelming and competition for our blood is intense.


Come to the dry parts of Southern Alberta where there are very few mosquitoes in the summer. It’s great!

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Interesting experience with lemon eucalyptus (or is that Lemon Eucalyptus?) this weekend at the Oregon Country Fair.

I had put it on my arms and legs, etc. plus sprayed some on my hands and then applied it on my ears. Much later, I went to switch from glasses to sunglasses, and put the temple (the thing that goes over your ear) in my mouth while I swapped.

You can probably guess where it goes from there.

But if you can’t, my lips and inside my mouth started to burn. I felt like I had chapped lips and had burned inside my mouth on a hot drink for several days.


I want to say, “At least you weren’t using DEET!” But I actually don’t know which is more toxic to humans if ingested.

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super deadly to fish as well. seems fairly safe for mammals at reasonable exposure levels.

They sell bear pepper spray here and bear bells, we have a ton of black bears and grizzly.
The old joke in any area with bears is how can you tell black bear scat from grizzly scat?

“One is full of berry seeds and the other smells like hot peppers and is full of bells.”


Can confirm. I use thermocell hand-held units when turkey hunting in late May. I’m going to try using permethrin on my clothing when scouting deer bedding areas in long grasses through the summers now that deer ticks are becoming a real problem here in SW Ontario.

Picaridin-based insect repellents work pretty well and don’t eat up polypro like DEET does.

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If your lips don’t tingle when you spray the repellant on your arms, how do you know it’s working?


But bring the bears running. Yum.

I use a off clip on on the desk. It uses a fan that blows over a cotton insert.
Which, instead of buying refills…I just spray with Off before use.

You’re nicer than I am, because the description made me wonder if bear spray is flammable. If so, I’d carry a cigarette lighter!

Wrong kind of bear…

Its a pretty ugly tomahawk.

Also, the risk of a brush fire at this time of year is near constant, so ya gotta be careful.

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Parks Canada says (at 1:05) the effective range is 5 metres.

This jibes with my experience with practice canisters. If no wind.
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It’s the angle of the dangle, not the tingle of the …

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Well stop doing it then.

(Smugly, I am rarely bitten by the buggers though the buzzing drives me mad.)


Life’s like that don’t cha know.

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Roger That! (But not the mozzies, ok?)

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It figures that would be too risky. Well, there’s always the final defense - hope that bears won’t eat meat served with urine glaze. :wink:

If you’re spraying your clothes, you should look at a permethrin clothes spray. It’s similar to allethrin, works better than DEET, and is in general less harmful to people than DEET is.