This digital piggybank has its own cryptocurrency

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So cryptocurrency has now jumped the shark?


This is better than currency because… children need parental approval to spend the money?
A new and exciting way for technology to disempower children, now with blockchain.


I mean, a digital “piggie bank” can be great for some kids and parents who are into that. Add money to an Excel sheet, and maybe even help teach them saving by giving your own interest on the money they save.

But this… let me understand. If the kids puts in $10 and the market plunges, will they get $0.50 out? I guess it would teach them a valuable life lesson…

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BTW, I looked it up. Yes, you are transferring crypto to your kids, and if they want to take out money, it’s worth whatever the market says it is.

And if you the parent want to give them any money, you have to go online and buy Wollo.

This is the stupidest idea I’ve seen in a good while.

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