This dinosaur-like bird enjoys kicking snakes


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Don’t you mean bird-like dinosaur?


And all this time I thought birds were therapods…


The secretary bird can also type 6 wpm


So was “Curb Stomp Bird” already taken when naming this thing?


And if you get enough of them together in one room, a retyping of Hamlet will eventually result.


These days, the preferred title is “Administrative Professional Bird”.


Whenever I see one of these I feel like it belongs in a Harry Potter movie.


It was the best of times, it was the BLURST of times!!!


I wonder if it’s related to Honey Badger?


Maybe. But this thing looks like it actually gives a shit.


That would be the cassowary, the nearest thing to the Terror birds of the Cenozoic.


Holy damn. That’s a beautiful creature, in many senses of the word.


you call that a snake?


Hah, that poor bird. “WHY WON’T YOU DIEEEEEE?!?”


At first I was thinking, dang, that’s harsh to the snake… did feel a bit silly when I realized it was a rubber snake.


Tap dancers hate snakes!


And that’s a captive bird, which probably has less muscle mass than a wild, free-roaming one. Imagine the kick one of these at full strength can deliver!


Also known (in my head) as Murder Bird.