This discounted Klipsch subwoofer can take your home theater to the next level

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I dunno about this one, but there is one universal truth:



Mine is bigger.

I don’t know what to think! Klipsch makes decent stuff, and the price actually looks good… weird.


Best thing ever to hail from Hope, Arkansas.

I don’t know what to think!

The BB shop has an OK price on a decent product every month or so.


As always, check multiple sites for reviews before purchasing.

There seems to be (allegedly) a problem with the amplifiers in this subwoofer which according to the reviewers doesn’t seem to be covered by any warranty from Klipsch. Like I said YMMV.

I’d like a nice front firing subwoofer so I could finish out my 7.2 sound system. I have a down firing one right now, and it’s kinda nice. Wherever I put it, it sounds great.


I’m sure your neighbours will agree!

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If you have the wherewithal, rotary subwoofers go below 1 Hz: Eminent Technology TRW-17 Rotary Subwoofer | Sound & Vision

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Link no workey.

Fixed, thanks.

I thought that was probably the technology you were referring to. I think I’m gonna be ok with my puny couch shaking 15hz. I haven’t got a mansion with the back space for one of these rotary units.

For a more practical unit that’s seen effective deployment in live sound there’s the Powersoft M-Force.

They’re used in the Rat Sound 30” super sub which is quite the tool. Not 1hz, more like 20, but for massive live sound systems that’s super impressive to have usable range that low.

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