Bluetooth bookshelf speakers with great midrange

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I have these powered speakers paired with a similarly branded SW and they sound great together!


I use the speakers via Bluetooth. I am trying to avoid wires for now. That’ll likely come back to haunt me.

Bluetooth is a horrorshow of compression. You might hook up wires temporarily and do an A-B comparison of the two modes.

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Those are my flavor as well.

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Had a cheap 2.1 sound system for my computer, then I moved into a small apartment and subwoofers are a no go since the walls and floors were seemingly built with paper. I couldn’t turn the volume up enough to hear voices without the “boomy” sub rattling away under the desk. I picked up some Edifier Monitors a year ago on the black Friday and I absolutely love them. I can listen to music in my apartment again without neighbors complaining.

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I have a pair of these and they’re pretty great. I’m not a soundsperson but I’m pretty happy with them.

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Great midrange means old and hearing failing in the long tail end of the spectrum, I imagine. I say that as sort of your contemporary.

I find that close miked male voices are a challenge for any poorly designed speaker.

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damn. gotta git me a pair.

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