Amplified speaker for smartphones doesn't need pairing


Bluetooth pairing is inconvenient?

I suppose in the same way that plugging in a 1/8-inch jack is less convenient that not, but… insert crotchety-ness about tech making us lazy


Well, it can be. I use a single bluetooth headset with my phone, computer, and tablet and I have to jump through some hoops with switching bluetooth off and on for my various devices if two or more happen to be nearby when I’m trying to connect.

I looked into one of these before but I also have a battery powered bluetooth speaker which I occasionally use and the sound on that is terrible. I didn’t think it would bother me for what I use it for (amplifying my tablet for stuff like Netflix and being a super fancy alarm clock) buuuut apparently it does bother me. A lot. :rabbit:

Yeah, similar gadgets used to show up as Woots! deal of the day, years ago. They’re just about worth the money it costs to put batteries in them. And yes, I know.

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Playlist link should be I think.

Near field audio?
I’m guessing that that’s a high tech euphemism for “microphone, amplifier and speaker.”

Once they start using NFC to initiate a bluetooth connection, you should be able to get convenience and quality.


I believe this picks up the signal via induction from the speaker windings. It’s a cute trick.


I have yet to discover a reason not to keep a small supply of these li’l dudes in the house:

I know they’re spendy (currently $1.92 for a six-footer at Bezos’ Budget Bargain Bin) and difficult to use (sticking that pin in that hole… man, what a pain!), and the audio fidelity is just about perfect, but I manage. Somehow. :wink:


Especially when I’m in the car, I find plugging in a headset much easier than dealing with bluetooth pairing.

I just gave my father a bluetooth speaker for Xmas and it’s still sitting in the box until he has “time to figure it out” but he knows how to plug cables in. I know he knows because he asked me why he wasn’t getting satisfaction plugging his iphone headphone jack into his stereo’s headphone jack.


It certainly can be. Pairing bluetooth with most cars and earbuds seems to be a pain still. But I haven’t used a modern bluetooth speaker so I don’t have a basis for comparison. I got burned being an early adopter. Bluetooh speakers and headsets were horrible, reducing cell phone battery lives by 50% or more, and often running on ‘30 minute at best’ batteries themselves. On top of that, horrible sound quality. But my girlfriend tells me bluetooth speakers work great. She must be right or people wouldn’t be able to sell them.

I got this thing out of a clearance bin for $15. It’s a wired connection, though.

I figured it’d crap out but i gave it a shot and it’s actually great. I use it for over 8 hours at a time 5 days a week (the battery lasts maybe 3 or 4 hours, so I plug it in at work,) plus a little more on my days off, depending. this is since last spring, early summer time.

it is LOUD. I connected my ipod and played the same files over two of my co-worker’s bluetooth speakers and they were both notably quieter. the accordion thing makes it into a somewhat impressive bass tube, which collapses for storage, but mostly I leave it on and expanded while I travel (bike.) a great buy.

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I got this big-ass thing from Restoration Hardware a Christmas or two ago for my wife.

It’s about 18" tall and weighs 21 pounds, but looks great in the living room of our 1909 Craftsman home. My wife uses the Bluetooth connection, while I prefer the wired. Sounds a tad bassy, and doesn’t get quite as loud as an 18" speaker should, but fills the room well enough.


Even though I have two setups of outstandingly reasonable audio fidelity, neither of them are actually in the kitchen, making listening to podcasts an exercise in frustration. Suppose I could dig out a pair of speakers out of the closet.

I used to do the washing-up a lot more frequently when I had a crappy old hifi in the kitchen upon which to listen to rips of stand-up shows, but cooking effluvia are hell on audio equipment and it died.

You wear headphones while driving??

I’ll hold out for a true audiophile model with 24k oxygenated gold NFC contacts.


Do it. Do it today or it won’t get done for another year. Don’t ask how I know. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sigh. Just get a B&W Zeppelin and be done with it.

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