Great set of budget Bluetooth bookshelf speakers

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Do they support the high def bluetooth audio modes, or only the old muddy ones?

A caveat from the Amazon Reviews:


Do they promise, 'cause…

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I believe they stop at Bluetooth 4.0. I don’t have anything fancier, so I do not know.

I also do not have a password on the Bluetooth, but my home is isolated enough I never even considered it.

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Never used BT audio devices myself. Does anyone know if there is noticeable latency? Like, if I used these to watch TV is there going to be a sync issue?

Why a proprietary connection from speaker to speaker? They have those nice RCA plugs for input, they couldn’t use RCA to the other speaker? or 3.5mm TRRS? or even a 1/4"? Or anything else easy to get extensions for?

More than 16 feet apart? I think you’d want a different set of speakers for that use case.

Well; say down a 6 ft book case, across 4-5 feet for a screen, and then up another 6 ft book case? That’s going to be very tight. Or, say you’re only going 4-5 feet, you have 12 more ft of cord to hide …?

I’ve had a completely unrelated brand of speakers that had built-in connectors that limited the maximum distance, they had hard-wired extensions, and it made a few configurations awkward.

My note is just, I thought I had a one-off, and didn’t expect weird connectors like this in audio products, a space that’s had standardized connectors since forever.

These are awesome :smile:

I have this one on my boat and the sound is amazing

Yes, there’s like 250ms latency. Fine for listening to music but you’ll see a noticable delay if using them to watch video unless some extra synchronization is happening (some TVs can compensate for this). aptX-LL purports to support ~40ms latency but not much gear supports this extension.


Do you just stack books on top of them? Do they fall off if the songs have too much base?

Thanks for the info!

We use Audioengine’s A2+ speakers in our bedroom, connected to a Chromecast Audio I snagged on sale. Overall price was more expensive (bit under $300 with the Chromecast), but the audio quality is superb for the small size (no grill though if that’s important). They’ve worked flawlessly for the last decade and I expect will keep on working great for a long-time to come. Looking at Audioengine’s website, they have a bluetooth version now called the A5+ that wasn’t available when I bought mine, though it’s an eye-watering $500. I think I prefer the A2+ since who knows if bluetooth will be as common in 20 years, but both sets have conventional RCA and banana plugs, which will probably be around long after that.

Audioengine makes great speakers. They aren’t cheap but they are really good quality for the price.

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Agreed, though I can absolutely understand not everyone wants to spend that much on speakers - even I would balk at the $500 bluetooth A5+ - and I’m sure there are plenty of good quality speakers for less. I do love our A2+ pair though. :slightly_smiling_face:

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